Ana Leovy "Crowd" Print
Ana Leovy Ana Leovy
Ana Leovy "Crowd" Print

Ana Leovy
Giclee Print

16.5" x 16.5"

Timed-release only, exclusive to

Available February 3—10, 2021

We are excited to announce our newest print release with Cancún, Mexico-based artist Ana Leovy. Featured in our current Winter 2021 issue, Leovy has emerged as a classic throwback of painter who is speaking to our contemporary times through a nostalgic blend of social life and friendship. And, she is brilliant with color.

"I find color to be some sort of personal diary, so things I can’t say with shapes or words, I say with color. It’s funny because sometimes the concept behind my work is not very cheerful, even though my selection of paint seems to say the exact opposite. I enjoy playing with this juxtaposition because I believe that there are so many hues in feelings and how each one of us sees the world. Certainly, when I find myself down, color gives me positive energy, and hopefully this happens to other people as well when they see my work."—Ana


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