Aundre Larrow "The Mud" Print
Aundre Larrow Aundre Larrow
Aundre Larrow "The Mud" Print

Aundre Larrow
The Mud
11" x 16.5" Giclee print
Available exclusively with Juxtapoz


“I got it out the mud,” that’s what Trailblazers 2 guard CJ McCollum said when asked how he could be so calm in high pressure moments.” Mud is thick, it’s nasty and it makes you have to work that much harder to do something. 

That’s how America treats black people. Twice the effort for a quarter the payoff. To me this photo is about the release. Where you emerge from the mud, even for a moment, you realize how powerful you’ve become in the face of it all. That’s not to say struggle is vital or even encouraged. I’m just proud of what black people have made despite the mud that is America. —Aundre Larrow

The Mud is ONLY available from December 16th—December 31st, and a portion of each sale will be donated to Want Not Need Foundation.

Aundre Larrow was born in Jamaica, grew up in south Florida, and currently based in Brooklyn. He is a photographer who tries to understand and communicate the core of what makes us human, and the fundamental value of each person. As an Adobe Creative Resident, he traveled the country to speak to people of all backgrounds where they’re at. He also worked on the set of W. Kamau Bell’s United Shades of America, which has a similar mission: excavating the distinct value and dignity of each human being.


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