Danielle Mckinney "Saw My Shadow" Print
Danielle Mckinney Danielle Mckinney
Danielle Mckinney "Saw My Shadow" Print

Danielle Mckinney Saw My Shadow Print
Giclee print
13.3" x 16.5" 

Available exclusively on as a 3-day timed release, July 6—July 8, 2021 at 12 noon PST.

In conjunction with our Summer 2021 Quarterly cover story, we are excited to release a special print by Danielle Mckinney. The work, Saw My Shadow, was featured in the issue and in a recent exhibition by the artist. 

"I challenge myself, especially with color, because I’ll paint, and then think, well, what color? And then I’ll have a panic attack in regards to what color the background should be. There’s a harmony with the colors. They have to ring true together, and/or create this vibrational tone to the work." —Danielle Mckinney


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