Mel Kadel "Night Sky" Print
Mel Kadel Mel Kadel
Mel Kadel "Night Sky" Print

Mel Kadel
Night Sky
Giclee Print, unsigned, 11.75" x 16.5"
2020, exclusive to Juxtapoz

Night Sky is ONLY AVAILABLE from December 10—17, 2020.

We are excited to announce a new print with former Juxtapoz cover artist and Los Angeles-based, Mel Kadel. For this release, Kadel has created one of her signature style works originally created on handstained paper. In a year of tumultous feelings and events, there is something moving about this piece; a character deep in their imagination and thoughts.

About Night Sky, Kadel tells us, "Most of my day dreams happen at night. This piece is about catching a moment of visualization and personal optimism."

Each work is printed by The Print Space in London, England 


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