November 2014 #166
November 2014 #166 November 2014 #166
November 2014 #166
Juxtapoz never shies away from a little controversy, and the November 2014 issue featuring the a cover story and the works South African-based photographer Roger Ballen. This cover, let's just get right to it: it's disturbing, haunting, intriguing, and yet part of a compelling body of work that Ballen has been building for decades. We are proud to have him on the cover and to tell his unique story. Also in the November 2014 issue: —Long Gone John... is Gone Again. —Conor Harrington eats and deletes in NYC —Alex Roulette sets off blue green smoke bombs —Viviane Sassen does Flamobya Fashion —Hybrid Design does everything under one roof —The Hill-Side turns patterns into fashion —Yves Laroche tells the story of Montreal Pop —Carl Krull opens new work in Copenhagen —Tristram Landsdowne goes other-wordly —We focus on street art's best festivals: Nuart and Living Walls

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