Dan Witz "St. Vitus" Print
Dan Witz Dan Witz
Dan Witz "St. Vitus" Print

Dan Witz "St Vitus" giclee print, timed release, unsigned, 16.5" x 13.2", on special Hahnemühle German Etching paper, 2020

Dan Witz is a Brooklyn-based painter, famous for his hummingbird street art work and his incredible Baroque style mosh pit and rave paintings. “I’m an academic realist painter, but I’m living in the 21st century, so I’m not going to be painting Roman soldiers invading, or some gothic baroque composition...The highest aspiration of an academic realist painter are these big group figure paintings, and I’m using the hardcore scene as my subject.”

For the Juxtapoz print series, Dan Witz has featured a classic rave work from 2018, St Vitus.

The print is available as a timed-release through Monday September 14, 2020.  Proceeds from the sale of this print will go to support the Museum of African Diaspora in San Francisco. 


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